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  • Kristina Johnson

The 5 Most Common Marketing Questions Answered

Updated: Feb 20

Let’s face it, if you are a business owner, you understand that marketing can be confusing. With ever growing technology and so many digital options, it’s hard to keep up with the new trends and with what works for your business. According to HubSpot, only 61% of marketers believe their marketing strategy is effective. Even though most marketers doubt their strategies, they’re still pouring massive spend into digital advertising. You must wonder why a business would spend so much without increasing their profits.

With that said, we put together the 5 most common marketing questions and the answers to help you prioritize your business marketing.

1. What digital medium will bring my business more leads?

There are tons of digital mediums that are meant to bring your business leads. From Facebook Lead Generation campaigns to targeted email form-fills, it’s most likely that your business needs quality leads to flourish. We know that leads are a numbers game, but quality leads are even more important.

For clients that are very lead driven, we always recommend search engine marketing. This way, you only pay for the clicks on your ad, and you are getting your message in front of the person that is interested in your product or service. Placing your ad in first position gives you a way better chance of converting the customer and keeps you top of mind. Many search engine companies will not only advertise on Google, but on other search engines such as Bing to ensure you are getting placement.

2. How important is Search Engine Optimization?

Many business owners are quick to start a search engine marketing campaign, but may have to be convinced to add a search engine optimization campaign. Why is that you may ask? First of all, SEM is instant gratification. It’s the quickest way to get your ad in front of someone in need of your product or service and the quickest way to get phone calls.

I can’t stress enough of the importance of SEO. I like to say that SEM is a sprint and SEO is a marathon. It may take longer to see your return on investment with SEO, but it eventually cuts the cost of your keywords, establishes credibility and ranks you above the competition.

3. Does my website need a blog?

The short answer is YES! Blogs create content and adds extra pages to your website each month with that content. Establishing SEO keyword blogs will increase your search engine ranking and score. Just as we mentioned in the previous question, this helps with search engine optimization as well.

Not only does it help with ranking, but it helps to establish your business as an industry leader. If you establish that credibility with the reader early on, you have more of a chance of earning their trust and their business. A blog can also be used on your social media pages as native social media ads, as an informative piece to help build your brand awareness.

4. Which social media platform works best?

There has been an introduction of new social media platforms these past few years, from TikTok to the recent Clubhouse. This can leave business owners confused on which medium is most effective. The answer for this is volume! Reach is the name of the game, so the more eyeballs on your brand, the better. If we had to recommend the two must have’s for your business, they would be Facebook and Instagram. Here’s why…

Let’s look at Facebook first. According to, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users. We know that the average age for Facebook if 40.5 years old. If your demographic is broad, then Facebook is the perfect medium. You will reach a both younger and older audience.

According to, the Instagram user ages range is between 25-34, so if you are looking for that younger generation, then this is a perfect choice. Again, we discussed the importance of volume, so with 1.2 billion monthly users, Instagram should be a social media priority. With the addition of reels, this gives you even more opportunity to get in front of interested consumers.

5. Should I handle my own marketing?

This is a question every business owner has asked themselves at some point. Maybe you are even asking yourself that now. No matter how much knowledge you may have on marketing, keeping up with daily operations of your business and a marketing plan can be daunting. Not having the time or energy to manage your campaigns can lead to wasted spend and ineffective advertising, which eventually will leave you with lower profitability.

An option for many businesses to hire a marketing agency. In many instances, this saves a business money since hiring an agency can be cheaper than hiring a full-time marketing employee. Not to mention, the agency incurs the costs for dashboards, marketing and reporting software that you otherwise would have to pay for.

A marketing agency that you should consider for your business is KJ Marketing Group. With over a decade in traditional and digital marketing, our goal is to help local businesses grow and to understand your marketing goals. If you have additional marketing questions unanswered, we are here to help. Contact us at and receive your digital audit to get started on the right marketing path.


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