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  • Kristina Johnson

Marketing Tips to Grow Your Non-Profit Organization

Updated: Feb 20

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Many businesses can attest to how much the digital marketing world has changed since the pandemic surprised us all over two years ago. Non-profit organizations felt the pressure to meet the needs of their community, which required more donations, awareness, and volunteer hours. Suddenly every dollar had to count, so many organizations had to pivot their marketing to a lower funnel, targeted advertising which has allowed them to stay laser-focused on their audience and make spending more effective.

Digital marketing has definitely evolved for nonprofits and the methods in which organizations can successfully reach their audience and meet their goals have changed. It’s not as simple as posting on social media and printing flyers if you want to see a real difference.

So what is the secret to successful non-profit organization advertising?

As nonprofit marketing is usually more geared to raising donations and spreading your overall message, it’s more important than ever to be intentional with your messaging and target the right audience depending on your specific goal.

Here are a few marketing tips on how to take your non-profit marketing to the next level:

1. Internal email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most useful tactics for driving more donations and reaching your goals. Add to your email list each year and include informative content that will continue engaging with your donors and contact list throughout the year. You should keep separate email lists for donors, volunteers, etc. You can offer referral bonuses, awareness opportunities and more. Remember to keep your messages personalized and continue to offer proof of where your donor’s money is going.

2. Events and press releases

Keeping awareness up about your nonprofit organization can be a battle, however, it’s important to stay constant with your messaging so that your cause is always in the minds of possible supporters. Hold events that correlate with your organization. For example, if you run a conservation park, hold a family hiking day with hot dogs or activities available for purchase.

You can then use that event as a reason to send a press release to the media. Radio, television, and online and paper news all love to share the news about non-profits, but you’ve got to keep making news for them to share. The more you can stay relevant and continue to push your goals, the more likely you’ll reach them.

3. The handwritten letter

Your donors are an important part of your organization. Without them, you’d have no way to make an impact on your community. Write a handwritten letter or card to your donors each year thanking them for their donation. You can use a template to send, with statistics and information about how well the year has been and where you still need help, but making it personalized and showing that their support has gone a long way will allow your thanks to go far as well.

4. Social Media

Social media is still one great way to interact and engage with your audience. Yes, communication with donors and volunteers is great, but you’re going to reach your goals much faster and make a huge impact on your community by increasing brand awareness and sharing constant content about the organization with the public. This is the community you’re helping, so they’re going to support you and want to know what’s going on. Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook all allow you to use Stories and other trends to really engage with your audience and increase your following.

5. Video Marketing

Video interacts with an audience in a different way than other mediums can. Being able to see your nonprofit in action through video content, interviews, and more is more likely to create the emotion and reaction you want for your viewers. Whether it’s social video or streaming TV video, video can target your message to that exact person you are trying to reach.

Remember, as you market your nonprofit, you’re not trying to make a profit, but you’re trying to raise awareness and even funds to push your cause and make a difference in your community. You’re more likely to create reactions by stirring emotions in your followers. If you’re an animal shelter, share pictures of your animals. If you’re helping homeless youth, get the message out about individuals and allow them to share their stories. Stay consistent and you’ll begin to see growth in your organization. And, if you need help, we’re here to guide you through the process.

What sets KJ Marketing apart from the competition?

We are a strategy-oriented marketing firm that strives to become a true marketing partner to your business. When you succeed, we succeed, so we want to plan the best strategies for your business or nonprofit. We offer a 15% discount for local Houston non-profit organizations.

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