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  • Kristina Johnson

Marketing Tips for Seasonal Businesses

Updated: Jan 4

Many business owners can attest that the success of their business is directly related to their marketing strategy. From large companies like Coca Cola to the small boutique that opened down the street, odds are that marketing is being used to help build the success of these brands. But what if you’re a seasonal business? Seasonal businesses can include businesses like lawn care, snow removal services and tax preparation.

You’d probably like to know how to keep your brand top of mind, even if you are outside of your busy selling season. Not properly preparing during these down months can keep you behind the curve when it’s finally time to heavily market your business. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of those slower months.

1. Focus on getting more referrals

Referrals are the best new customers that you can get, Do you know just how powerful that is? According to, 92% of consumers trust referral from people they know, while referrals account for 65% of companies’ new deals.

If you don’t have a referral program already, these statistics should make you want to start one as soon as possible. Starting your referral program during the slower season is sure way to boost business and to gain new customers.

Start a referral program for your current customers before the busy season starts. A few ideas for these programs can be cash, a gift card or even a certain percentage off their services during the next season. Give your current customers a reason to refer your business. Below is an example of a tax preparation referral program posted on Instagram.

2. Create early bird specials

Who doesn’t like a good deal? You may be a seasonal business that retains most of the same customers each year. A great example of this is a snow removal company that works with the same customers every winter. Of course, you’d like to think that you can retain all customers, but the reality is that there may be a competitor entering your turf.

This is a great time to create an early bird special for your current customers and begin a marketing piece for new potential customers. A great marketing tactic for this is a Facebook Ad or an Email campaign. You can target homeowners and businesses in your area of choice a few months before your busy season.

3. Market a different service

A great example of this is a tax preparation company. Although tax season is from January 1st- April 14th, there may be other services a tax business would like to focus on during down season. One important piece is adding partners to the team. This will bring more profit during tax season if they focus on growing their company and have ability to handle more business.

Another area they may want to focus on is small businesses that need tax management during the year. There are affordable ways to push these campaigns such as social media, email and streaming television ads. Think about other parts of your business that you would like to grow and start communicating those to potential customers. With so many digital targeting capabilities, there is a sure way to get in front of your in-market consumer.

4. Start customer loyalty campaigns

The lowest hanging fruit is your current customer. Why? They have already done business with you and if you did a great job, they most likely will again.

So many businesses are focused on that new customer, but the way to sustain your business in the long run is to keep your past customers coming back. What are ways you can do this? Starting a monthly or quarterly newsletter that includes great content such as tips, tutorials, helpful articles, and VIP specials will keep your brand top of mind and your customer loyal. Not only will these customers keep doing business with you, but they will send referrals as well.

5. Start creating next season’s marketing plan

Many seasonal businesses make the mistake of starting their marketing plan too late, such as the month before. This can result in a rushed campaign strategy that doesn’t bring in the customers they expected. Start strategizing early and have a full marketing plan in place for the next season. Look at your past marketing and find out what didn’t work as expected, what did work and what you can do differently the next time to gain better results.

The first step to keeping your marketing on track throughout the year is to hire a dedicated marketing partner that is both creative and innovative. KJ Marketing Group is focused on running the most effective campaigns for your business. We offer targeted digital campaigns to increase your website visitors and increase sales.

We are involved in every step of the process; from strategy, to implementation, to measuring results. Book your digital audit at no cost and start your marketing plan today. For more information, contact us at


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